Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Halloween or “Trick or Treating” happened every night of October 31st here in U.S.

Americans celebrated it with a big bang.

As early as August, the stores would sell Halloween decors and scary outfits for kids and there were for adults as well. Jack O’ Lantern made of pumpkin is a common décor here. And as early as August, Moms are crazy looking for their children’s outfit too. Nathalie was one of those mommies J. She bought cute witch outfit for Jaka with matching devil’s horns headband.

As I go take long walks six times a week, I have observed how the Americans decorated their porches and yards with scary stuff. There were giant pumpkin balloons, giant black spider in web, skull with candles, giant ghost balloon, skeletons in a made it appeared grave with “RIP” in it, giant witch, different sizes of bats and other silly stuff.

Halloween Parties or “Spooktacular” Shows and Magic Shows are also common. Hubby won free two tickets from the mine and he was excited for Jen and Jun to watch it but unfortunately, we forgot it because we were too focused on the trick or treating.

Around 5:30p.m yesterday, hubby, Jen and I went to Wal-Mart store to buy more bags of chocolate candies, we already bought five big bags last September but they were yummy so we ate the two bags. We saw Nathalie and Amber, her stepdaughter together with Jaka and Amber’s kids: Michaela, Khody and Tristian in the parking area. I was so happy to see the kids with their outfits! Jaka looked cute on her witch outfit, Michaela wore her other version of witch outfit with its famous long triangular black hat, Khody was so cute in his pirate outfit but the cutest among them was baby Tristian, he was Nemo, the famous fish of Walt Disney’s. Each of them got a huge bag for the candies except Tristian because he got a small size pumpkin shaped canisterJ. They were indeed so cute!

I thought they were there to buy something but I found out that they were there for treat or treating! And I really went with them while hubby and Jen headed to buy more chocolate candies. The store greeter gave them candies. The saleslady in a witch outfit in the Jewelry section gave them candies too J. She took picture of baby Tristian sitting very cute inside the shopping cartJ. Wal-Mart employees wore their Halloween outfit too; I saw two fairies, witch, ghost, etc. I saw a long-legged lady wearing black mini skirt with matching red fish nets stockings and black boots, not to mention her Red velvet Dracula’s cape J. She was not one of the store employees. She was a shopper like me J. In fairness, she’s sexy and gorgeous! There was a whole family for trick or treating who really dressed-up! The mom wore a bluish polka dots dress (I couldn’t figured out what character she was trying to portray). The dad wore all white outfit with an ugly face and a long white beard. I couldn’t remember their children’s outfit J. Nathalie took picture of them maybe I could post it here later. There were more children coming in the store with different cute outfit. They looked excited and happy!

Nathalie and her group left ahead and they said they would go to Brenda’s house then to our house thereafter.

When we went home, they were already there! Hehehe! Jun had already given them candies but we gave them with what we bought earlier and we posed for a photo souvenir. I don’t have the picture yet as of this moment because we used Nathalie’s digicam.

It was already 7:00 o’clock and there was no second batch yet. I checked if the light on the porch was on, according to Brenda, if your porch’s light is on, that means that you allowed trick or treaters. It was on. Hmmm. I felt sad that time. I am afraid that nobody would come. I don’t want to keep a basinful (small size) of chocolates and candies. They were intended for the trick or treaters. Jen prepared the camera because her dad told her if somebody knock on the door and say “trick or treat!” Jen would say, “Before I will give you candy, may I take a picture of you first?”J Hehehe!

Few minutes later, the doorbell rang and I was the one who opened it and before they say trick or treat I already gave them a handful of chocolates, I was too excited JThere were two of them only, they were both girls. They ran towards their mom screaming because they got a lot of candies from meJ.

Afterwards, I stayed in the room with hubby watching TV and we heard our doorbell rang many times J. Around 9:00 pm I went out to the living room and I saw that the basin has still candies on it but only less. I smiled. When I checked the camera, I was happy to see few pictures. I was satisfied. I told Jun to turned-off the light.

Then we tried some of the remaining chocolates and candies. They were yummy!

I wished my nephews and niece were here to enjoy trick or treat and to enjoy chocolates and candies!

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