Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Treasures!

Ever since I became a mother, I have gotten two treasures. I’ve got an adorable daughter Jen and a charming son Jun. They are God’s foremost blessing to me. They are both grown-ups now. I couldn’t believe that I’ve raised them pretty well. There are times that I would ask myself how did I get through all the obstacles I met while struggling a hard life and while raising them at the same time.

Jen is a big sister to Jun in the truest sense of the word. She always takes care of her younger brother and spends time with him. She talks with him anything under the sun. She even talks to him about boysJ.

Jun on the other hand, is a dependent brother to his big sister. Whatever ate Jen says to him, he always believes in her. He valued her opinion on foods, on clothing, on movie, on a song, etc. He talks to her about girls tooJ.

They watch TV together. They laugh together. Sometimes they play musical instrument together. Jen got a set of drums and Jun got a fancy guitar. They got them from their daddy as rewards for being good kids. Sometimes they also play any of more than 10 kinds of guitar their daddy have. I have never seen them fighting with each other over a thing.

Both of them knew how to do the laundry, cook rice and know how to cook some dishes. I always trust them in cleaning the kitchen and the entire house. Jun is in charged to mow and clean the yard but he is too lazy to do it now because it is freezing out there. I understand him because I myself couldn’t stand the chilliness anyway.

Lately, they were the ones who prepared their daddy’s “baon” at work J since their daddy is working night shift. They couldn’t do it at all when their dad is working day shift so I am happy that they help me at what time they can be able to.

I just hope that when they go back to the Philippines to continue their college education, they would stay the same. And I pray that they would study devotedly, with fervor and most of all, with strength of mind. It would be very hard for me to be away from them but there is no way that I could help it. I should stay here in U.S. with their daddy and continue to work hard to support their needs.

Like other mom in this whole world, I dream to give them a good life in the near future together with their family of their own. It could only be realized if they finish college then obtain a good job or engage in business perhaps, because I always believe that education is beyond doubt the key to everyone’s success. And I wish they would become a successful individual as they could be.

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