Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Daughter’s First Driving Violation

I heard it right when the Sheriff said, “ This is a serious violation”. And I said, “I’m scared!”

She just got her driver’s license the other day. Alas! She got into the hot water too soon.

Nathalie, Jaka (Nathalie’s daughter), Jun and I wandered around town after lunch. Jen drove the car. Jun sit in the front seat and the rest sit in the back seat. Personally, I have so much trust and confidence with her driving because she drives proficiently and skillfully.

We were traversing the heart of the city so everyone was cautious while she was maneuvering the steering wheel. We stopped amid crossroads to yield. We were as watchful as ever, watching cars that came and went by, trying to learn the traffic rules and regulations. When it was our turn to go, Jen stepped the accelerator slowly unaware of a handicapped person trying to cross the street. Nathalie reacted “Ate Jen somebody is crossing the road!” I was really shocked for a second! Jen said, “Oh sorry!” She didn’t hit the person but I knew that she made a big mistake. I looked behind us and I saw a Sheriff’s car! The light was not blinking but I was pretty sure it would sooner. It was an honest mistake but there is no such thing as honest mistake when it comes to traffic rules especially in this powerful country. If you are driving here in U.S. and you commit violation, a police car behind you will flash their light, which means you should stop to face the consequence of what you did.

I thought my mind went off that time. I was worried of Jen! Oh God, please help us! I heard Jaka said, “Mommy Beth the car is now blinking behind us!” Waaah! God, this is what I was afraid for! My mind was screaming out loud that time. Nooooo! Jen pulled over in the side of the road then she rolled down the window. The Sheriff looked natural when he came to us. Nathalie and I greeted him “Good Afternoon Sir” with matching fake smile on our face. Gosh! I wanted to die that time. Waaah!

The Sheriff asked series of questions to Jen. Such as “Did you know why I blinked my light?” “May I see your driver’s license?” “Do you have your car registration and proof of insurance?” “How old are you?” “How long have you been driving?” Jen answered all his questions and she showed her license, car registration and proof of insurance. The Sheriff said, “This is a serious violation”. “We need to give way to pedestrians most especially to those handicapped people.”

I said at the backseat, “I’m scared!” I have many questions in mind. What if Jen will be given ticket? How much are we going to pay? Is she going to be put in jail? I don’t know the whole process about the whole thing at all. While the sheriff was talking to Jen, I glanced at my bag thinking about my checkbook and cash in my wallet. At least, I have money with me whatever happens. Wow. Weird thinking.

Then I heard the Sheriff said, “I will let you go for now, I hope you will be very careful and cautious next time”. No ticket issued. As I heard it, I screamed and said “Yeheeey!” It was never in my wildest thinking that he is going to give Jen a consideration. Whew! What a relief!

After the incident, Jen said, “I deserved to be reprimanded and to get a violation ticket but I am thankful that the Sheriff was good to me.”

I was wondering if a policeman caught her not a sheriff, will he going to be mean to my daughter? Now, I wanted to know the difference between a policeman and a sheriff because I don’t really know, hehehe!

When I write this post, hubby is not home yet. I am still thinking how he is going to react about what happened today.

Lesson learned.

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