Sunday, June 8, 2008

Filipina: Expensive Wife

Yes, it is so soo true.

Filipina has a renowned beauty: brown skin, black hair, short and slim body. Her loving traits and caring dispositions and having family values made her a desirable choice of single foreigner men, particularly, the American men. Proof is when you sign up in a Filipina Dating Site, you will meet allot of American members who want to get a wife from the Philippines.

I am a filipina and I am very proud to be one. My hubby is an American. He is providing me and my two teeners 101% of our needs, as in, 101%!

When my teeners and I were still in the Philippines, my husband provided us everything. I forgot to mention, even before he was not my husband yet, he provided us everything already. He sent me money for my annulment case, for our daily existence, for my daughter's tuition fees, for my son's school project, for my sari2x store and boutique, for everything.

During special occasions like birthday, Mother's day, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc., I always got something from him like bouqet of flowers, boxes of chocolates, box of tropical fruits, cards and Postal boxes with allot of stuff inside like clothes, shoes,etc..

He spent $$$$$ for his airfare going to the Philippines, for our Wedding, Visa fee for the three of us, airfare, hotel and medical fees during the Medical Examination and Visa Interview. He spent more bucks for our airfare going to this foreign land. I took all my husband's money!

Now that we got here, well, my husband still spending more for me and for my teeners! He did everything to please me (hmm.. maybe!) and to make me and my kids happy!

Last month, he spent $3,010.00 for our Green Card application! Poor hubby. I really feel sorry for him.

He also provided me my own computer for me to use anytime I want to and even bought me my own celphone though I thought I dont need one. He really provided everything. And I thanked the Lord for giving me such a responsible person like him, in the truest sense of the word.

Rice is scarce globally and it is now very expensive anywhere, the more here. Jasmine rice is pretty expensive here compared to Uncle Ben's and other ordinary rice but hubby chooses to buy Jasmine rice for us. Asian foods are expensive here, but he always buy them for us. We even drove to Reno just to buy more Filipino foods in an Asian Store and even drove all the streets just to find for a Filipino Resto, which unluckily, we never find one. So sad.

Not to mention the TFC Subsciption. Because we want to get updated about what is happening in the Philippines and because we want to see our favorite Filipino celebrity. Hubby will spend more or less additional $30.00 every month for TFC.

During my month long stay here, I have had chatted, talked and met allot of filipinas who are living with their respective husbands in the different States here in US. And I have a filipina friend here where i lived. Nathalie. Her hubby always teasing her to be an expensive wife. Nath's hubby spent $60 for a kilo and a half for a Dried Fish alone!

En-en, a sweet girl from Bukidnon said her hubby thinks the same way too. And I am sure, aileen's, nora's, cecille's, glenda's, cheryl's, mae's, and elizabeth's hubby think the same way as well! The names I mentioned above are my filipina friends who married yankee guys too. And I know for sure that their respective hubbies spent the same or more if not less than my hubby's spending for me and for my kids.

See? Filipina wife is indeed expensive!

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