Sunday, June 8, 2008

Filipino Appetizer: Dried Fish!

As you can read in my first post, food has always been an issue in this household. Filipino foods. American foods. Mexican foods.Yes, you read it right, mexican foods, too. We cannot live without Hispanic people and so without Mexican foods, hehehe!

In our pantry, you can find Filipino stuffs such as rice (jasmine rice), dried fish (Nath gave it to me, she bought it from Glenda, a pinay from florida), dried squid, bihon, pancit canton, sinigang mix, adobo mix, (which we bought from an Asian market in Reno),etc.. Of course other than that, the American stuffs such as different kinds of cheeses, sauces, breads, pasta, canned goods, instant rice mixes, a bunch of butter, different kinds of meat, instant french fries, fries taters, hamburgers, steaks, bacon, ham, popcorn, CHOCOLATES, pizza pies.. too many to mention. Then Mexican stuffs such as, guacamole sauce (which is the main ingredient is avocado) mexican version of sweet and sour sauce, tomato sauce, cheeses, tortilla chips, corn tortilla and flour tortilla for quesadella, tostadas, tamales, fajitas, etc..

The first time hubby saw the dried fish, he almost puke. He cannot afford to see the dried fish with its head and eyes that still cling to its body and most of all, he cannot take the smell coming from it and he said, "OH NO!" and then he sighed... but smiled to me afterwards. I said, "well, Mahal, that's one of the consequences for having a Filipino wife, you must get used to it because I cannot live without eating it once a while".

When my stepson helped us in moving out from Round Mountain, he accidentally found them out from a shopping bag in the corner and when he opened it he said, "oh no, what the hell are these? yuuucccck!" And he almost throw them away. Everyone laughed at his reaction. Geezz! And his dad explained it to him and then he smiled so big ang said "Mom please tell me when are you gonna cook these stuff so that i would not show up here, I dont wanna die hehehe!..." Silly stepson.

When I fried the dried fish, I opened the glass windows of the part of the kitchen and dining area and i turned on the fan of the stove to keep away the smell. I think that the neighbors cannot smell it because every houses here are always closed. And seldom you will see people stay outside.

While cooking the stuff,  was observing Ricardo, he was uncomfortable, he doesnt know what he was going to do, but he made me feel that he was not bothered with the smell, pretending, hehehe. And when I served it to the dining table, he said "Oh mahal, its like a dead flat rabbit ran-over by a truck, hehehehe!" I dont care. I love it. My teeners love it. For us, dried fish is  delectable!

As expected, he did not eat it, did not even try to taste it, shocks! That's fine with me. I always respect him that way and he always respect me the same way. He had his big glass of milk and toasted bread with hotdog, anyway. And I dont care. I don't really care.

Afterwards, he called his son in his cp and started talking about the dried fish. I heard him saying "... while beth was cooking the dried fish, I thought i was gonna die... Oh GOD... I almost cannot stand the smell... " Hehehe! I already imagined his son's reaction. But it doesn't bother me at all.

Because I always love Filipino foods. Always has been. Always will be.

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