Saturday, May 31, 2008

"French Toast"

I have always love Pinoy foods. I always want to eat them three times a day here in this foreign land.

So do my teeners.

Obviously, hubby always loves American foods. He always wants to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.


This has been my problem since my teeners and i got here!

We discussed it. I found out that he was feeling the same way while he was in the Philippines!

Poor poor Ricardo.

I guess we need to compromise!

So we agreed to eat American foods if he feels to.

And he did. This morning! We had French toast.


I honestly didn’t like it! I feel like I want to throw-up in front of him!

Gees, my teeners didn’t like it either!

Poor poor bechay, jen and jun.


We just pretended anyway.

There are just times that we have to give way for the people we love with no hard feelings.

I love Ricardo.

My teeners adored their Daddy.

We can’t afford to hurt him.

So, everybody is happy now!

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