Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Would You Do If Your Husband Confesses That He is Transgender?

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Would you divorce him? Would you give him a hard slap on his face? Would you feel betrayed? Maybe I would scream at the top of my lungs and just wish to vanish into thin air. I don't really know.  

I got a call from a very dear friend from Missouri yesterday. We have not seen each other for ages but we communicate once in a while . We were catching up about our family here and in the Philippines when she blurted that she has been in dilemma lately. I thought it was a health related issues because she is in her early 60s already. Then she said her husband of 25 years confessed that he is transgender. That was very shocking! I have met her husband in person once only and I can not seem to remember his face. I thought transgender and "gay" are the same but when I Googled their meanings, they are different but the difference is quite confusing.

I asked her how he revealed it to her, she said he wrote her a long letter. Since the revelation, he had started wearing make ups, flattering nail polish, fashionable shoes and, hair piece. My friend added that her husband has a better taste in make ups and shoes than her which I can not imagine! She said it has been a struggle for her and for her two adult daughters. By the way, her husband is in his early 60s too.

I am not against LGBT. As long as they do not hurt a single soul and they pay taxes like me, they should be treated fairly like straight people. I have had lots of gay friends in the Philippines. They are fun. I have a Filipino gay friend here in the US. He has an extremely likeable personality and everyone loves him. 

Back to my friend, she and her husband, also their daughters, have been seeing a Psychologist regularly which is a good thing, and I hope it helps them.

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