Monday, February 3, 2014

Scam Alert: Verizon34

I got a call from this number 800-922-1235  last Friday but I did not answer it because it is 1-800 number. I've always believed that if it is an important call, the caller shall leave a message. Indeed, there was a message that is not clear with noisy background that says ".....$34, at Verizon, we care about you. Thank you and have a nice day." I didn't think it was important so I just ignored it. 

Yesterday, one of my husband's friends on Facebook posted something about it, said it was a scam. Apparently, she answered the phone and the other line told her to go online at, put in your account number, etc, to save $34. Of course, she hung up. Verizon Wireless doesn't call their subscribers, they send email and mail or text messages. I should know it because I am a subscriber. 

Just an fyi.

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