Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have been in the US for almost 6 years yet it still amuses me every time it snows. The beauty of the surroundings is just priceless!

Today, my husband and I were traveling home from Reno and it was snowing. It's been snowing for hours already and I really enjoyed the beauty of the mountains and valleys blanketed with snow.

When we arrived home,  it was not snowing anymore and some of the snow have already been melted. 

My poor snow laden car in the above photo. It has been sitting here alone since Tuesday. I thought it was a cutie though :)

I really wanted to play in the snow like writing my name on it but I was too tired so I just took a photo of my feet instead. I know it is silly :)

I hope the weather will be back to normal tomorrow because my husband doesn't like it especially when he goes to work.

Thank you for visiting! Have a good one!

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