Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Employer is Battling Against Bone Cancer

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This post has been put on hold unfinished for awhile until a friend mentioned about the power of prayers, especially from the people we don't know, something to that effect. That inspired me to finish this post.

"Beth, could you please ask your friends to include Paula in their prayers?" My other boss, I call him Mr. Dave, humbly asked me while we were about to start our day at work many weeks ago. Mr. Dave and Ms. Paula are my employers. They are both Therapists and they own a clinic in town where I work as Office Assistant. 

Ms. Paula is  a beautiful and classy woman in her mid 50s. She is  a very nice person and a very thoughtful boss. She was apparently a bone cancer survivor until the cancer came back early this year. I remember during my job interview, Ms. Paula mentioned about the cancer but she was looking great that time and there was really no trace of any health issues on her face. I thought she was a very strong woman.

But as time goes by, I observe how cancer toppled her health. I can see the pain in her eyes every time we talk. There are times I'd rather not to ask her how she's been doing because I knew she is not been doing good. You know, that usual "How are you or How are you doing?" greetings. When I called her about the car accident I had encountered last month, she panicked and sound so worried but I was more worried about her while listening to her husky and weak voice.

Just recently, the cancer has already spread to her liver and other parts of her system. And she is undergoing Chemotherapy. Last Wednesday, she was rushed to the hospital due to pneumonia following chemotherapy. Thank God she survived. Last Friday. the clinic was flooded with calls from their friends and patients, some dropped by asking her health condition. That was really nice of them people.

I am sharing this post to solicit prayers for her. Dear readers, please let's include Ms. Paula in our prayer. 

Thank you for visiting this site. Have a good one!

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