Monday, January 16, 2012

King Cobra Attacked, Victim Died in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

photo courtesy of Google Images

It  seems like I have become a news reporter lately. I just can't help it especially if the subject is close to my heart. I'm hoping you won't get tired of reading my blogs though.

Anyway, per news that I have gathered via FB (Agusanun Ako), a wife had been attacked by a King Cobra while entering her home after doing her laundry outside. The victim was Norlinda R. Baluca, 54 years old, Barangay Pisaan, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. I knew the victim's husband, Eddie Baluca, my former co-worker when I was assigned to Provincial Information Office, Province of Agusan del Sur for a while. And I've been to Barangay Pisaan many times delivering social services back then.

According to neighbors, the victim ran to her room but the King Cobra ran after her to attack her again even she was atop the bed already. The neighbors killed the king cobra and they rushed the victim to the hospital but she eventually died. Apparently, the hospital nurses were not able to treat her right away because there was no doctor around to prescribe an anti-venom drug.

Reports says that a neighbor of the victim had killed a king cobra the previous day. And they had noticed cobra sightings after the place got flooded last December.

My heartfelt Condolences to Kuya Eddie Baluca and family.

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