Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going "Fashionista"

My pink purse

My pink boots

Nice pair :)

It's my first time to post stuff like these. I mean, I have not  posted anything about my clothes, shoes, and purses/bags until today. I am doing this to break the sort of a "news reporting" posts that I have been blogging lately.

I am not a fashionista, hehehe,  but I guess I'm getting there, nyahahaha! Joke. Okey, let's talk about my pink purse and boots. Everytime I wear them I feel like, I look so nice and oh, so pretty, nyahahaha! It is because I always get complimentary remarks like, "Oh, I like your boots and purse!", "Wow, they are gorgeous!" "You look great in them! " Blah blah and blah.

Let me tell you a secret, I got them from a garage sales from different owners. They are not designer's stuff but if you get them for $1.50 or $3.00 each, why not? You got a flippin' good deal at that, right?

My Filipina friends and I love going to yard/garage sales every summer.  Well, here in the US, you could get brand new stuff with or without tag from yard/garage sales and thrift stores pretty cheap. I like cheap stuff (but good ones) because I am practical and well, poor, hehehe! Besides, I have 2 college students back home so I can't splurge.

Oops! did I tell you that one of the lucky colors for 2012 is Pink? I got that from a Feng Shui expert. And did you also know that pointed-style shoes is "in"  this year? Ahem, that makes me a "fashionista"!

Thanks for dropping by!

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