Friday, November 18, 2011

September 17 (Virgo) Personality - Possessions and Desires

Last September, I celebrated my 39th birthday. I celebrated it with my family  in the Philippines, sans hubby. It was such a wonderful day for me being surrounded with the people I dearly loved.

My Birthday cake from Red Ribbon

When I got back from my Philippine trip, I've got a birthday card and a gift via United States Postal Services or USPS coming from my former Boss, Mr. David Kulsely. He's such a thoughtful old fellow :) 

-Judith's Insights-

Last night, I took time to read it. It somehow caught my interest, actually. 

Gem: Jasper- This stone could grant the bearer
protection from sadness.

Flower: Box tree- you have a dry sense of
humor and are not very outgoing

My different colors: Navy Blue-color of style and refinement. Violet- empathetic towards other. Green- power color for overcoming obstacles. 

Astral color: Navy Blue

Color need- Violet


Apparel color- Green

 In addition:
Instrument: Cello

Composer: Mozart

Symbol: Wings- You are the source of balance in
your world. This will bring you contentment

Bird: Goldfinch- these gentle creatures can seem
moody, especially in unsettled weather

Fragrance: Classic scents that gives the feeling of fresh and sparkling clean like Ylang-ylang, Jasmine, and Roses.




Wow, what a lovely personality I have, Lol! So now I know that I have a dry sense of humor. No wonder hubby doesn't laugh at my jokes. Poor me. But, hey, I am a very outgoing person, in contrast to what it says, "... not very outgoing". Well, whatever :)

Let's check the other side of me according to "Judith" in my next post. Hmm. I am wondering  who this Judith is. If you take a closer look in the frame, it says "JUDITH'S INSIGHT."

Please see the continuation of this post.

Thank you.

Have a good one!

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