Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going Home

Philippine Airlines- The Asia's First Shining Through

I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Jenelyn because she is my number one reader, char! Like me, she's been away from the Philippines for a couple of years already so I thought she might find this post interesting. 

After I quit my graveyard-shift job of more than two years, hubby bought tickets for me to visit our teenagers, I mean, twenty-agers.. to my beloved country, the PHILIPPINES!

I took the Philippine Airlines' Las Vegas-Manila-Davao flight with one stop-over in Vancouver, Canada. Hubby chose Las Vegas as my exit airport because the traffic is not bad, hotels are cheap and the parking area is free unlike Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.  I passed the security lane without hassle unlike my previous trip two years ago. Thank God.

While I was in Las Vegas airport I have talked to I think 5 Filipinos who were equally excited as me. Kinda weird to me because they were coming home to attend a wedding. Yup, all of them. Happy to know that they are coming home for a happy event, because you know, sometimes people had to come home to attend a burial or somebody in the family is very sick, something like that, right? And  also, they were all graveyard workers except the guy who seated next to me. I salute them for their endurance. I knew how hard it is to work graveyard shift.

By the way, the guy I mentioned was a businessman and I learned that he is the Biggest Loser  (Philippines) Gym Instructor Chinggay Andrada's hubby. He looked plain and simple to me. Actually, all Pinays that I have met there just dressed plain and simple, like me :)

I left Las Vegas September 6, 2011 and I safely landed an hour earlier  in Manila on September 8,2011 then waited for 6 hours for my Davao flight. By God's grace, I arrived in Davao around 10:50 in the morning, threw myself in a cab and gave the address to the driver where to go. I did not tell my kids I was coming to surprise them, as per hubby's suggestion.

And my teeners got surprised indeed :)

It was such a safe and smooth flight. Thank you God!

More posts coming re: Philippine Trip

Have a good one!

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