Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall/Autumn is my Favorite Season

Leaves up there and in the ground :)

What a pretty tree!

My Pinay friends pose under the tree


I went brisk walking today and I can't help but take photos of these beautiful trees along the way.

Then I remembered the song that goes, "Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall..."

I so love Fall or Autumn among them four seasons. And I was like (to myself), "why?" I had some really deep thoughts about it.

And I came up with only one reason: because the color of the leaves in the trees and in the ground is priceless. The whole surrounding is incredibly beautiful for me. I supposed to say, "Amazing"!

Some people might like Summer because they enjoy the heat of the sun, the barbecue and picnics outdoor, etc. Others might like Spring because of the rain and the flowers that start to bloom. And I think, mostly kids, like Winter because of the snow that covers everything outside. Just my two cents :)

But yeah, I love Fall because I love the color that it brings. God is really Amazing for creating such a beautiful season.

Have a good one!

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