Monday, October 17, 2011

Views of Apple Trees

My neighbor's apple tree, hehehe! 

We have one apple tree at the back but the fruits are almost gone unnoticed. They almost all fell in the ground.

Back to the neighbor's apple, shh... I can pick one or two or more anytime because they don't care anyway. They have two apple trees. One time, I talked to the kids and I ask them why they did not harvest the fruits, they said they are not good though. They were so damned wrong because the apples are really sweet and kind of crunchy! Brat kids, hehehe!

Actually, my Pinay friend Ann and I have just picked a bagful of apples from that tree for her. If I have company tomorrow, I would pick some for us,shh!

I wish I could send them to the Philippines for my family via Balikbayan box :) 

Just my wishful thinking.

Have a good one!

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