Thursday, August 18, 2011

C L A I R O L Root Touch-Up (Dark Brown)

My gray hair "mate"

I started having gray hair since I was 9. I haven't done anything to cover them until I turned 35. I am turning 39 this year and gray hair keep growing like crazy so I do my root touch-up once a month. I used CLAIROL brand before (when I was still back home) so I am somehow familiar with the brand already when I got here in the United States.

I've tried a lot of  hair color brands here and I have also tried the latest product in the market which is foaming hair color but I keep on coming back to CLAIROL root touch-up. I find it very convenient and easy to use. And it makes my hair stay in color for more than 3 weeks.

At first I used black color but I have read it somewhere that brown shade is better in hiding silver lining something like that, so I shifted to dark brown and now I'm loving it!

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