Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kim Chui's Goya Pretzel Twists TV Commercial

I heard a lot of things about Kim Chiu's cosmetic procedures done on her nose, b**bs, face, and recently on her eyelid, "daw",  but I haven't heard that she is a contortionist until I read in a forum about her latest TV ad. I got snoopy what was this commercial all about so I searched it right away to watch it myself. Waah! It's pretty disturbing! Or, is it just me?

By the way, according to the Free Dictionary by Farlex:

"con·tor·tion·ist  (kn-tôrsh-nst)

One who contorts, especially an acrobat capable of twisting into extraordinary positions."

(The Commercial:  video courtesy of You Tube) 

There you go guys! No wonder Kim Chiu got this ad!

Oh, did you cringe when you watch it? Have a beautiful day!

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