Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Former AFP Chief Angelo Reyes's Self-Inflicted Death: People's Comments

The news about the former Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and former Secretary of National Defense  Angelo Reyes taking his own life was really shocking.

To readers who don't know Angelo Reyes, I suggest to search the name via Google :)

The first word that came up to my mind when I heard the news was, "guilty". I know I should not judge him but I can't help but think that the allegations might be true and to shot himself would save his face. Just my two cents.

I couldn't forget Angelo Reyes when he turned his back from Ex-President Erap Estrada during the Edsa II Revolution. The last news I heard about him before he died was about his involvement in a corruption inside AFP and that he was summoned by the Senate for investigation about the alleged Php50,000,000.00 he got from the AFP coffer as "Pabaon" or "Parting gift", among others, before he retired.

I would like to quote some reactions, comments and opinions of people from different walks of life which I found from the web.

mamy_maldy, Girltalk
"Let us not be judgemental. Guilty or not he deserved respect. Just saddening because a man like him can actually do that just to save his name. Sana hinarap na lang nya, just what Erap did nung Edsa Dos. Never liked Erap, but comparing him with Reyes made me me salute Erap for facing the consequences of his plunder case."

truthseeker, ellen tordesillas blog
"Unbelievable ! Not the kind of Angie who would kill himself. His behavior and arrogance in the past make me wonder if indeed he committed suicide."

Isagani, ellen tordesillas blog
"What’s Gloria thinking now? Minus 1 loose end. Unfortunately for her, there are many more remaining."

bayonic, ellen tordesillas blog
"… gives another meaning to "Death Before Dishonor."

Daza, Reyes's Spokesperson
"Until the end, he was an officer, a gentleman. He did not betray anyone, he did not squeal."

pandalicious, Girltalk
"Too bad he took the coward's way out, i thought he was much stronger than that. parang masyado siyang tuso at matalino para sumuko at tapusin lang ng ganun yung buhay niya. but i guess he reach his breaking point."

moonie, Girltalk
"Reyes had no one to blame but himself.  If he had a hard time at the senate, it was because he had a lot to answer for. Pardon the pun but he dug his own grave."

Mikey Arroyo, Congressman, ex- President GMA's son
“Those who demonized, embarrassed (Reyes) on live TV to up their political capital, they pushed him to his grave . Mikey Arroyo on those exposing against Angelo Reyes “to those who have not sinned, cast the first stone."

Conrad de Quiros, Philippine Daily Inquirer
"Reyes has just raised the bar on the proper conduct of public officials who have found themselves sufficiently dishonored, if not downright disgraced. Something I never thought I’d see in this country in my lifetime. Something I thought would be confined only to our Asian neighbors whose sense of honor, or whose fear of their families being forever blackened by their dishonor, compels them to remove themselves from society’s midst in a way that cannot quite be captured by exile. Reyes’ suicide indicts all of them. His gesture is an open question addressed at his inferiors (in no way can they be called his peers):

What about you Hermogenes Esperon? What about you Lito Atienza, Mike Defensor, Benjamin Abalos and Sonny Razon? What about you Merceditas Gutierrez? What about you Mike Arroyo? What about you Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

That’s the caption to put on the picture of those very people who will be attending Reyes’ wake: “What about you? Aren’t you going to follow quite literally in my wake?” The gesture shouldn’t be hard for Mike Arroyo in particular. All he has to do is stop going to St. Luke’s."

Among those aforementioned reactions or comments, it's Mikey Arroyo's that I despised. I supposed he should shut his mouth up.

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