Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year, New Template!

I've been wanting to have a unique template that's why I've made a lot of changes in my blog template in the past two years. I like the free templates offered by Blogger though, but too many bloggers like me have been using them. I wished to stick to only one (and die for it, lol!)

Thanks to my son Jerry for asking his friend Mr. Percival Uy of to make one for me. He made me this bluish-greenish color template. I like its color combination because it is meaningful. According to a site I just visited online which I would like to quote:

"Blue symbolism associates blue with freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies are emblematic of optimism and better opportunities. Blue is the color of loyalty and faith. Blue is power. Blue is also the color of protection. Blue symbolism is nearly universal in meaning. As a result, blue is used in national flags and symbols around the world, including the flag of the United Nations".

The color meanings of green on the other hand "are perseverance, patience, growth and healing. Green is also related to work, wealth, and career. In the United States, our money is green. Green is a highly adaptable color that lends itself in interior design to areas for children, especially places where learning takes place." 

Aside from its color combination, I also like its design. It is simple yet appealing. The flowers are neat and dainty!

Thank you Mr. Percival Uy! I love it! I hope this post brings you more clients. Cheers!

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