Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nevada Shoe Tree in the Middle of Nowhere

Just last month I read an article in a Reno paper about a shoe tree somewhere in US Highway 50 (America's Loneliest Highway) that has been cut down by vandals. I showed it to Ms. Wenda, an accounting staff who comes every morning to get all reports. She felt unhappy and she said she had photos of the tree when she happened to pass by that way quite a long time ago.  She explained that passersby  throw pairs of shoes  into the branch or twigs of the tree for fun.

Pretty weird, huh? I got interested and I asked her to post  them on her facebook so I could see and grab them. She did! Thank you Ms. Wenda!

When I searched it on the Internet, these are what I've got:
(Credit to the owner)

Wow, it looks like the tree has grown up and bears more pair of shoes already! Many thanks to the weird  passersbys! But sad to say, at this time, this shoe tree is no longer existing after heartless vandals cut it down, tsk, tsk, tsk!


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