Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOEFL and Others

Have a fabulous and blessed New Year to all of us!

It's been like forever since my last visit on this virtual space of mine. I have been into  lots of  things lately. I study for an upcoming TOEFL Test. I read self-help books if bored and tired. I try to catch some Zzzzs to stay awake at work. I play Farmville again, and so on and so forth. In short, I am a very busy woman now, lol!

Okay, you might ask me what is this TOEFL Test I mentioned above. TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language. I am planning to study online in a university and to pass this test is one of the requirements before admission because English is not my native language. The good side of this test is that , it doesn't involve mathematics which I hated most. The bad side is, I have to pass 80% out of 100. It consists of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills. I paid $170.00 for the IBT or Internet-based test. Pretty interesting ha?

I need to study to pass the said test so I borrowed books from the community Library here, watched YouTube videos online and I also bought books and audio CD for speaking and writing from


I have new year's wishes or in old school we call it "resolutions" so I read self-help books to get motivated and inspired. I am hoping it helps!

While in bed trying to sleep, I watch TFC or The Filipino Channel to keep myself abreast on what is going on in the Philippines.

And if I get burnout, I check my farm on Farmville. My kids asked me why I resumed on playing wherein I already decided to quit in fact I posted it here on my blog  last year entitled "Goodbye Farmville", I told them, "Just remember goodbye doesn't mean forever", nyahaha! They replied, "That's a song Ma!" Oh,whatever =)

So this has been my life now a days, chaar!

Catch you later guys, mwah!

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