Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bebe Gandanghari is Dead: True or False?

Rumor has it that Bebe Gandanghari, the former Matinée idol Rustom Padilla who shocked the Filipinos when he publicly confessed that he's a gay, was already dead. According to the unconfirmed source, sex change transplant or sex reassignment surgery was the cause of his untimely death. Reports said that his family did not spill this into public because of the cause of his death.

I have read online that all surgery runs the danger of infection, bleeding, and a need to return for repairs but this kind of surgery is irreversible so the patient must accept about whatever the results. Other risks is patients developing other mental disorders, eating disorders, among others.

This is a very sad news if it's true. And if it is so, my Condolences to his family. And I hope they would tell the public about it so that those people who want to undergo the same will be aware on the risks that accompanied it.

And if it's not true, I challenge this gorgeous babe to come out and tell the whole world that he is still alive and kicking.Tama!

Bebe Gandanghari
Rustom Padilla
Credit to the owner of the photos.

So long!

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