Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fraudulent Charges on my (Joint Account ) Debit Card

I am fuming right now as in to the highest level. Hubby on the other hand remains cool which makes me more mad.

When we were in Reno last week, we tried to get cash from an ATM but we were denied. A receipt came out that says the Bank Account has been  under restrictions due to suspected unauthorized transaction something to that effect. Then I remembered while we were still at the hotel, hubby got a missed call and a voice mail about "suspected unauthorized transaction on our bank account" but he thought it was just a scam. I insisted to call the number back but it appeared that it was a restricted number. We tried to get cash thrice but to no avail so we went to the nearest Bank of America and got the money straight from the bank teller instead. It was hubby who talked to the teller and I presumed that he discussed it with the teller because he was able to get cash from her.

Then came Sunday night, if my mind serves me right, hubby checked the bank statement  online and we noticed that there was a pending account that we are confused if we make it or not. We rechecked every single charges and that made us sure that we didn't make any transaction to the company wherein the charges have stated. I told hubby to take care of it in the morning. He just gave me a lame answer.

This morning he called me at work that there were three pending charges against our account already  and one of which are made in New York. I panicked! I told him to call the 1-800- numbers at the back of the Debit Card but he said he will wait for the bank to open. The bank will open at 8:00 o'clock and it was still 5:00 o'clock in the morning. What if the criminal will make another purchase before the bank opens? I had so many what ifs. I was persistent but he just sound calm and relaxed. I was ready to explode that time. When I ask how much was the total charges he said it was more or less a $100.00. I wanted to yell at him over the phone. Grrrr!!!! Arghh!! I checked the 1-800- numbers of my card and dialed it but there were questions that I need to get my SSS number so I hang up the phone very frustrated.

I am mad right now. Hubby should have listened to me before things got worse. When he picked me up at the hotel this morning, he told me he already had called the 1-800- numbers as I told him and that he will go to the bank as soon as it opens. I didn't speak to him. When I got up, he informed me of what has been transpired at the bank but I was still too mad to listen to him...until now.

Lessons I've learned:

                        "Do not wait for tomorrow what you can do for today."
                        "Do not trust your husband's decision all the time."
                        "Have your own bank account."

Thanks for reading. Hope you will learn from this post.

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