Saturday, July 24, 2010

Balut and the Drunk Man

I had an annoying guest at the hotel last night. When he saw my badge that I come from the Philippines, he started bugging me. The first thing he said was, "Oh, Balut!" It was my Monday and I just started my shift so I was kind of dandy. It was the first time to hear from anyone particularly from a white man mentioning about Balut because most of the time I hear "adobo, pancit or halo-halo." Besides, many foreigners  find Balut nasty and yucky to eat. I smiled at him while continue doing my initial routinely paperwork. I remember how crazy I was for Balut when I was still back home. Slurrp! I like "Penoy" or Pinoy" better though because there is no "feathered chick" inside but if I want something "soupy", I will choose Balut. Slurrp again.

The man, who was a bit tipsy that time, stood in front of me (I was sitting inside the hotel desk) and he started sharing his experience during his trip to the Philippines especially the first time he ate Balut. I didn't ask him where in the Philippines he had been. I enjoyed listening to him. He was telling the Cashier what the Balut looks like, explaining to her that it is a fertilized duck egg and that it is an aphrodisiac and very rich in protein. He was really ecstatic while talking about it. I was surprised when he shouted, "Baluuuut!" That really made me blurt out. He left and went to the bar while shouting "Baluuut!" Lol!

I was taking a reservation over the phone when the man came by again. Oh boy, he was already drunk  in the truest sense of the word and he was with equally drunk guy. He started talking about Balut again. I gave them a grim face and told them to leave the desk and to go to their respective rooms. He said, "We will, but not until you will tell it to this guy that what I just told him about Balut was true." I looked at the other guy and said, "Yes, it was true." The man smiled and shouted, "Baluuut!" while leaving the front desk. My reaction was, "Oh my goodness, lol!"

Now I am craving for Balut! Geez!

(Credit to the owner of the photo above.)



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