Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Judgement Day!

I am a "politico" myself and I inherited it from my Dad. Through this post, I would like to air my side about the coming National election.

Since I got here in the US, I have always been updated with anything from local, national, and showbiz news alike because of  TFC or  "The Filipino Channel".

Lately, just like other Filipinos abroad, I have been more interested in the coming election. I find it more  interesting since it would be the country's first automated election. I am glad that Senator Richard Gordon authored Automated Election Law.

After a thorough research, I have decided that Gordon-Fernando is the Dream Tandem for me. Gordon has been a Red-Cross volunteer since 1986, a Secretary of Tourism who worked wonder in Philippine Tourism industry, "Wow Philippines", a Mayor, who transformed Olongapo from a sin city to a model city when he was mayor for 14 years and as Senator who passed more than 5 Laws, that's, including the New Automated Election System Law. 

Fernando on the other hand, also transformed Marikina City into a progressive, clean and orderly metropolis. In the various government posts he held, he distinguished himself as a government official who does not hesitate to implement the law whatever it takes, whoever get hurts even damaging his political career.

They complement each other. They are both transformers, they have the same vision for the country and they are both disciplinarian. I like leaders like them and I believed that Philippines needs a competent and courageous leaders like them.

Examining their public service history, the Gordon-Fernando tandem seems to have an advancement over the Aquino-Roxas team.

But.. I doubt it if they can make it today because unfortunately, most numbers of voters would go for candidates who are "mukhang" honest,  who have symbolism, surenames, who are  famous personalities, who have nice banners and stickers, candidates with celebrity endorsers and well, I almost forgot, candidates who are leading in Pulse Asia and SWS Surveys.

It's Judgement Day today. Vote wisely Filipinos!

Good luck Philippines!

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