Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Special Day

 I have been busy lately with my setting up an online shop so I ignored my blog site in the mean  time.

Anyhow, to all moms, how was your Mother's Day? I hope you had a good one. I got presents from hubby: a bouquet of flowers, chocolate and a matching earrings and necklace. My kids gave me huge card with their photo and a wall decor that says "There is no other queen in this house except Mom". That really made my Mother's Day.

For mom, I didn't send anything for her, I only greeted her via Facebook. But I will send her something for her birthday next month. And I am started thinking what is that something that would make her happy. Well, I still have 2 weeks to think about it.
Happy Mother's Day to all mommies!

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