Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hubby and I went for a breakfast in Model T Hotel n' Casino's resto this morning. A Filipina-looking waitress approached us and before she could ask our orders, hubby has already asked her "from where are you?" and the woman said "California". That time, I was thinking she was a "kababayan"! but when I heard her answer, I was wrong then. But hubby is too nosy hehehe. Every time he see a short, brown-skinned, black haired woman he always approach and ask "Filipina ka ba?" but this time he said to her that he was thinking she was a Filipina. I was a bit surprised when she said both of her parents are Filipino but she was born in California. We are right after all. I am so happy to know that she is indeed a "kababayan", I smiled at her and ask if what province in the Philippines her parents from and she said she doesn't know, all she knew is that she is a half-Visayan and half-Ilokano. I asked her if she can speak and understand Tagalog word and she answered, "no, I can't speak and I can't understand tagalog, my parents did not teach me". I was a bit startled. Tsk,tsk,tsk,tsk! I feel so sad that the woman is a pure Filipino by blood yet she cannot speak Filipino words.

Anyways, when we are done with breakfast, she approached again and asked us if we need anything and we said "no.. nothing, SALAMAT". She smiled and said she didn't understand what is "Salamat". We said "it means thank you". She grinned. Poor poor lady. Hubby gave her a big tip (tipping is a must here) and we left.

We headed to shop at Walmart and there.. we saw another short, browned-skinned, black-haired woman in front of the cash register, Geez... Filipino lady again... "kababayan". I guess, I was too lucky today! And then, as expected, Ricardo asked her "Filipina ka ba?" And she replied, "Oo!" with a big smile on her face. She spoke Tagalog! I was too happy to know that this woman can speak and understand Tagalog, hehehe. Her name is Emy. She is from Aklan.We exchanged "nice meeting you, see you next time, bye" words, and waved each other.

At around 8:30 in the evening, we were on our way home from a Picnic at my sister-in-law's house, we dropped-by at Raley's, a supermarket store here, to buy ice cream. And there... I saw Emy with two other Filipinos! What a small world, right? There are only few Filipinos here in Winnemucca so every time i meet one from here, i will feel very happy. I knew one of the two Filipinos she is with, she is Nathalie's friend named Henny. Henny's husband is working in the same mine where Randy (Nath's hubby) works. So we exchanged "hi and hello", etc. Hahahaha! I couldn't believed it, I have met 4 Filipinos in a day, shocks! It was really a lucky day for me!

But wait, I will be meeting more Filipinos tomorrow! Because they were inviting me and Nathalie for a Filipino Party which is to be held in the City Park! There will be swimming for the kids and I guess, allot of Filipino foods too,hehehe! I am soo excited already, yippppeee! You know what, when you are in a foreign land and when you get to see or meet "kababayan", you will really get crazy!

I can't wait to meet them all tomorrow!

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