Friday, June 13, 2008

Winnemucca Kruiser's Night

1934 Ford Sedan. 1975 Corvette Roadster. Quarter-size Stock Race Cars. Model T or Bucket T. 1958 Ford Pick-up. Very old Harley Davidson. 1932 Ford Coupe. 1967 Convertible Top Buick. 1948 Ford Pick-up. 1957 Chevrolet. 1967 pontia Bonneville. Pace Cadillac. And many others.

I didn't mis-spell the word "kruiser", I read exactly spelled like that in an Ad. It is supposedly spelled as "cruiser" but according to hubby, it is mis-spelled for a purpose, well, i think, it is because americans just want to make a "bang" or just want to "catch" attention from the people.

It is actually a Car Show. All types of cars and trucks are displayed for everyone's viewing enjoyment. It is done every summer, every second Thursday of the Month from June to August.The winners of this show will be awarded with great prizes and big trophies.

When I first saw the cars displayed, I was really amazed... woooooow..! They are old cars with high value! Most of them are worth millions! The owners never used them for their daily ride. They maintained them, repainted them if needed and keep them until the next year's Kruiser's Night comes again. These cars are just for show-off! Hehehe, in short, these cars are saved for bragging purposes only, sshhhh... By the way, I forgot to mention that these cars are "for your eyes only". Viewers are not allowed to touch it, or else the owner will yell at you, shocks!

Foods, sodas and beers are sold alongside the street and you can bring them along with you while viewing the cars one by one... and you might as well love to view blonde hunks and sexy gals (with their nicely dressed chihuahua dogs), old folks, cute kids who are there viewing also, hehehe!

It was my first time to see a car show, and it was fantastic!

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