Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Five Years and Counting at Round Mountain Gold Corporation!


For many years, it had been my dream to be a part of  Round Mountain Gold Corporation family. Hubby had worked in the company for almost 10 years but decided to move to Winnemucca when my kids and I arrived from the Philippines thinking there are more opportunities there. I was able to convince him to go back to Round Mountain and thankfully, he got rehired.

Now, I am celebrating my 5th year in RMGC!  Thanks to my husband! And thanks to my Filipino friends Mary Rose and Mona (they are sisters) for their support. And most of all, thanks to the Lord God above. It was truly by grace and I am very thankful and grateful.

I started working in the General Store which is owned by the mine. I worked at the Meat Department and mind you, I got to learn how to cut rump roast, hahaha! Also, I had been able to identify different cuts of steaks. Thanks to my mentors, Mr. John my Manager at that time and  Justin who is now working in the IT Department, also in RMGC. And not only that, I got to try all kinds of cheeses (smoked Gouda became my favorite) and deli meats! And I got to meet all the people in the community and being a people person, that made me really happy. I liked the job but I wanted to work  "inside" the mine for more money and for a greater challenge. 

As soon as I got my first year anniversary in the company, I applied at the Assay Lab. Yes, we are allowed to find another job from different department after a year. The interview was tough, it was nerve wracking because it was a panel interview. I remember the Ore Processing Manager asked me about Mathematics. I answered, "Math was not my favorite subject back in high school and college, I am not really good at it because I don't like numbers, but I am sure in the Assay Lab, I could use calculator when needed." I thought that was the dumbest answer the interviewer has ever heard, hahaha!  Thankfully, I got hired! And the rest is history.

I am looking forward to more 5 years and another 5 years, and another 5 years onward!

Happy 5th to me!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate it. Have a good one!

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