Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My Bruno Mars Experience

It was fantastic! HOWEVER, it was a little bit disappointing.

I got to witness the superb performance of Bruno Mars on April 30, 2019 at the Park Theater in MGM Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada with my co-worker Mary Rose and her 2 nieces. The concert supposed to start 9:00 o'clock so we checked in an hour early. We were very excited! BUT to our dismay, they took our phones, locked it inside an individual pouch then gave it back to us. I was like, “What is happening?”  You know when you buy a pair of Levi’s or any expensive clothes, they have this black or white plastic thing for theft protection and only the cashier  can take it off using an electronic tool? That’s how the lock of the pouch looks like only smaller. We very disappointed! We were caught off guard! I did not even get to inform my husband!

The venue was pretty much big and full. The people started getting impatient after 9:20pm and the show hasn’t started yet. Mary Rose and I were like, “Is this going to be a Filipino time?” Hehe! Because Bruno Mars is half-Filipino, right?

We started screaming when the stage curtain rolled up slowly then we saw Bruno Mars and his group singing! The lights effects are awesome! With the screaming and whistling of the crowd plus the music, it got really loud that I had to protect my ears ( I did not want to spend another $317.00!), I took the ear plugs from my bag and wear them. It was still loud but my ears felt a lot better.

Bruno Mars is not tall (5'5")! He looks so little being surrounded with his tall band members! He wore a white sleeveless shirt underneath his long orange printed all-button down long sleeves shirts, blue jeans and white sneakers. He was wearing a kinda head band and his curly hair was exposed. As I was looking at him, I actually was thinking about his shirts, hehe! It was not really fancy but, dang, he is the cutest! He was teasing us about our phone being locked. He said he could do what he wants, could even take his shirts off and no one can record it and while he was saying that, he smiles like a naughty boy and it was priceless!

The concert went on for 95mins and when it was over, it was already a little past 11pm!

The unlocking of phones was pretty cool and amazing, the theater people just stood by the exit door holding and clicking a tool, (they didn't need to hold the pouch), and voila! The pouch was unlocked! When I got my phone, I got a dozen of text messages from my husband and miscalls trying to get hold of me, wondering what was going on (He was a little scared  letting me go to concerts after the bombing in Las Vegas).

Aside from the phone issue, it was a night full of blast!

Thank you for dropping by! 

Have a good one!

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