Saturday, March 23, 2019

Cafe de Manila: A Filipino Resto in Reno Nevada

They have been in Reno for quite a while now but it was only this trip to Reno that we were able to checked it out. We had brunch last Friday and dinner last night. At brunch, we had Bangsilog, vegetable lumpia, Bulalo, Bistek Tagalog and Omelet. The foods were “so so”. We did not take picture that time. And I did not think I was gonna come back again.

A Pinoy co-worker of my son mentioned that he likes their kare-kare and sisig so I thought to give it another try, hence, the dinner last night. It was actually not bad! This time, we had Kare-kare and sizzling pork sisig of course, Pork sinigang, Pinakbet, vegetable lumpia and Pinoy french fries for hubby, Halo-halo and Leche flan.

The Menu

Pork Sinigang



The Garners plus two

Daughter is happy to be here. The resto has a very Pinoy feels.

Next time I will have pancit bihon and pancit canton together (Bam-i) and crispy pork belly. He said, “If I would get tired of their vegetable lumpia (the only food he likes so far), I can eat at the KFC nearby”. Poor hubby, hehe! He loved their Halo-halo though.

If you happen to be in Reno, Nevada and you want to try Filipino foods, visit Cafe de Manila! Thank you for dropping by.

Have a good one!

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