Thursday, December 20, 2018

Homemade Cookies, anyone?

Today, hubby baked cookies for 24 elderly people in the community as Christmas gifts thru Assay Lab, my work place. He baked Macadamia, peanut butter, chocolate chips and double chocolate chips (my favorite) and sugar cookies. The cookies in the pic above were the leftovers. I did not have a photo of Macadamia ones.

We put them into a tin container after putting them in a treat bag. We individually wrapped the chocolate chips and double chocolate chips in a water cellophane so that the other kinds will not smell and taste like chocolate chips cookies.

This is how it looks when the treat bag is tied up. It is pretty, ain't it?

Looking at these sweet delights is making me happy.

I was planning to wrap around the four sides of the tin with these ribbons and put the bow at the top. I thought I grabbed the bag of bows at the store but apparently not because I could not find them. I did not have a choice except to make the bows out of the ribbons 
and I couldn't believe I really made them! They are beautiful!


My finished goodies!

I can be skillful, huh? Teehee!

Thank you so much for dropping by! Happy Holidays everyone!

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