Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hair Detangler: Olive Oil by REGIS Designline

Hubby had a new hair cut at a salon in Walmart in Reno last Wednesday and he said he told the Manager about my hair problems such as hair fall and too dry that caused terrible tangles. He asked her their best hair detangler for Asian hair and said the lady recommended this particular product. I was  like, "And did you buy it?" I was hoping he did not because I still have Dove detangler which doesn't really work actually and had tried Garnier product also but to no avail. Of course, my husband did buy it!

So I tried it and I super liked it so far! It makes my hair really soft, shiny and smells good! If you have very fine, dry and frizzy hair, try this Olive Oil by REGIS Designline leave in conditioner. I don't think it is available in supermarkets, try going to salons especially inside WalMart. The price was $10.50 a bottle.

Thanks to my husband. He is the best!

And thank you for visiting my site. Have a good one!

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