Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Winners of my First Give Away Contest

This announcement of the lucky winners of My First Give Away contest has been long over-due. My apology. I had to wait the LBC box to arrive in Davao City which supposedly should have arrived on the last week of March but sad to say, LBC just delivered the box today.

The drawing was held in Davao City, Philippines, last March 24, 2012 by my daughter via in consonance with her 22nd birthday.

The first prize winner is :  Michi of

Michi won this Bath & Body works gift set
The second prize winner is: Kristen of

Kristen won this hot and cold thermos
The third prize winner is: Lanyran (Facebook user)

Lanyran won this dress

Not that much people joined the contest but I understand that the stuff are not enticing, or, maybe because I did not promote it seriously, hehehe, lesson learned. But I won't quit, in fact, I'm planning to have another give away again in the near future. And it's gonna be worth joining. Hehehe!

Anyway, my heartfelt thanks to all who cared to join. 

Congratulations to the winners! And to those who did not win, better luck next time!

And thanks for visiting :)

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