Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pasalubong from Cebu City, Philippines! Part 2

If you are interested to read the Part 1, click here. Thank you.

Sharing here the other stuff that I got from my friend Ann as Pasalubong from Philippines. I bet I would be a good girl to hubby for a month or so, hehehe! There would be no reason to be grumpy at all because my pantry is full of Pinoy stuff, hehehe!

Dried Fish! My all time favorites!

Dried boneless danggit

Dried Squid

can't recall this kind of fish



She also brought other stuff like Piyaya, Barquillos, Goldilocks' Mamon, Bub-bod kabog, Bibingka but I was too embarassed to put more in my grocery bag, hehehe!

When I looked at the stuff I got, I felt like I was so blessed! Thank you Lord God!

And thank you for visiting :)

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