Saturday, March 24, 2012

I've Got a Blog Award!

Thanks to my co-blogger Kim for giving me this award. It's my first! Yeheey! Thank s a lot Kim!

So what is this Liebster Blog award thingy? It is a type of award given to bloggers who has less than 200 followers. When you are given an award, you have to say some facts about yourself so that your followers will have an idea of the real you.

Are you ready to get to know me? Sit tight, hehehe!

1. I am a "Politiko". I am very active in politics in terms of updates on what is going on in the Philippines. I am the kind of person that will stay up late just to watch the CJ Impeachment live on TFC. Though I was not able to cast my vote last election because I live abroad, I was very active in almost every Politics thread in different social sites online. My late Papa was an Ex-Officio Member of Sangguniang Bayan in our town. And I have been appointed as Barangay Council Member in our barangay. That made me a Politiko.

2. I am an adventuress. I am a risk taker in terms of going places where I have not been to, may it be far flung areas, big cities or different countries, may it be job-related or recreational purposes. I've been to two beautiful countries (excluding US) knowing nobody except the person who bought the airline tickets. But I made it sure first that I have money and that I have researched every detail about the country, its laws and regulations, and, it's people, etc.

3. I love Showbiz gossips. Hehehe! Shame on me, hahaha! Well, celebrity gossips really entertain me. My favorite sites are PEP, Celebrity Gabfest on FN and FashionPulis :)

4. I love dancing. But dancing doesn't love me back. My body is too stiff, hehehehe!

5. I hate hubby's smoking habit. Oh God, I soo hate it! He is the nicest person on earth and I love him to death but everytime he coughs hard I would want to choke him. Bad me! 

Well, that's all for now. If I would be given another blog award, I'd surely do write more, hehehe!

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