Sunday, March 25, 2012

Las Vegas Escapades

with grand daughter Devon :)

Amazing and very educational exhibit in Luxor Hotel

also in Luxor Hotel

playful me :)

Clint and Devon

in the 5th floor, Imperial Hotel

weng and me

The Showgirls and the Showgirls wannabe :)

slot machines inside the airport

one of my fave sights

Hubby with the Showgirls

one of  Las Vegas' attractions :)

Click for more photos of the Las Vegas Strip here.

Hubby and I had great time in Las Vegas last week together with his son and grand daughter. Also, together with my Filipina friend Weng and her husband John.

We went to different places. We went to Luxor Hotel and Casino to see the "The Bodies" and Titanic Artifacts Exhibits. Looking at the "raw" human body and and all parts of its system, made me shiver but it was very educational. After we're done with Titanic artifacts exhibit, I wanted to see the movie "Titanic" again.

We have also checked the 300 classic automobiles displayed in the 5th floor of the Imperial Hotel. If you are a car enthusiast, you don't want to miss it. Shiny, gorgeous and very expensive classic cars have been displayed for your eyes only. In the same floor, I enjoyed window shopping different sorts of collectibles. Afterwards, hubby took us to Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix. Clint and Devon had fun driving those "race cars". I declined when hubby offered me to try it because I was scared, hehehe!

Also, we took a walk along the Las Vegas strip from Imperial Hotel where we stayed to MGM Hotel. It was a sunny day but still chilly for me. The strip was crowded. Like us, people were crazy taking pictures. It was quite  a loong way. So tiring. We had to take the Monorail going back to the Imperial Hotel because we didn't think we could make it by walking again. We enjoyed the good foods at the Flavors in Harrah's Hotel and Casino afterwards.

It was a blast!

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