Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fish Spa

Photos courtesy of the owner. Thanks Bless!

The other week, I stumbled upon a website that says singer actress-turned-fashion designer Jessica Simpson has this weird beauty regimen called Fish Spa somewhere in Asia. I thought it was indeed weird.

Just last Sunday, my gorgeous Filipina friend  Bless, who is L.A. based but currently visiting her family in the Philippines, posted photos of her and her sons on Facebook enjoying this kind of spa in Star City, Manila, Philippines. My first comment was, "That's so flippin' ticklish!" She said it truly is! Well, look at the second photo, hehehe!

If I were in that pool with Bless, I would have been screaming, laughing ang giggling like crazy while those little creatures are busy nibbling my dead skins, hahaha! 

Anyway, these little creatures are called nibble fish or doctor fish. They exfoliate dead skins, regulates blood circulations, lightens minor scars, eases skin problems like psoriasis, and, releases stress and tension. Well, I could agree on the last benefit, hehehe!

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