Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stars Who Insured Their Best Asset

Heide Klum- Legs, $2 M

America Ferrer- Smile, $10M

David Beckham -Legs, $70M

Brook Shields- Legs, amount undisclosed

Bruce Springsteen- Voice, $5.7M

David Craig- Body, $5M

Dolly Parton- Boobs, $600K

Jamie Lee Curtis-  Legs, $2M

J Lo- Booty, $300M

Julia Roberts- Smile, $30M

Kyle Minogue- Booty, $5M

Mariah Carey, Legs, $1B! (Winner!)

Rihanna- Legs, $1M
Tina Turner- Legs, $3.2 M
Keith Richards- Hands, $41.6M
Madonna - Body, $2M
Kim Kardashian- pondering over to insure her booty

Source: Yahoo

My goodness! We are talking about millions of dollars insurance for a part of a body only! Amazing!

While blogging this, I was thinking what part of my body I would have to insure if I had moolah. I couldn't think of any part because I don't have any assets, only liabilities, hahaha!

How about you? What part of your body you would want to be insured?

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