Monday, November 7, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Being Too Acidic

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Are you TOO acidic?

I was checking the news feed on my Facebook account when I read this very interesting article from a friend's wall and I thought to share it here on Blogger.

Check this out:

1. Digestive issues:
•Excess stomach acid
•Acid reflux
•Saliva acidic

2. Unhealthy Skin, Nails and Hair:
•Nails are thin and break easily
•Dry skin
•Cracks at the corners of the lips
•Hair is dull with split ends, and falls out
•Very pale face

3. Teeth and Mouth Issues:
•Loose teeth
•Teeth sensitive to hot, cold, or acidic foods
•Teeth have a tendency to crack or chip
•Sensitive gums
•Mouth ulcers
•Infections in throat and tonsils
•Tooth nerve pain

4. Eyes, Head and General Body:
•Low body temperature (feels cold)
•Tendency to get infections
•Leg cramps and spasms
•Eyes tear easily, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eyelids and corneas

5. Nerves and Emotions:
•Low energy; constant fatigue
•Being continually depressed with a loss of joy and enthusiasm
•Excessive nervousness

Go see your doctor when you have these signs and symptoms!

Hope you learned from this post.

Have a good one!

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