Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brisk Walking with Friends Today

My neighbor's kiddos
Crab Apple Tree
I don't know what kind of plant is this
Another apple tree with Yuny
Red Apples
Another Red apple tree with Yuny
Green Apple Tree
More apple trees! (green and red)
Small but fruitful :)

My friends Emy, Yuny and Pinky


Yep, it's obvious that we went out for walking not for picture taking, hehehe! Well, the beauty of the surroundings is such irresistible. Can't stop clicking the camera on my cellphone :)

Seriously, it's nice to go walking at this time of the season because the weather is cool. And I get to see different fruit bearing trees especially apple trees along the way. I remember when we passed by at a big house with apple orchard, I smelled something very pleasing... a scent of an apple. Yummy smell. Mm-mm.

Looking forward to walking again tomorrow.

Have a good one!

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