Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Best Internal Medicine Physician in Davao City, Philippines

****I would like to inform everyone that this is not a paid post. Thank you.****

I pigged out while I was in the Philippines last month.

I chomped everything edible that came my way. 

Unfortunately, my body did not like it. My mother had noticed it one morning that my legs and arms were swollen. I didn't even feel it until I couldn't put on my pants anymore. It really scared the hell out of me!

After I had my blood, urine and other kind of tests in Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai Clinic (through the help of my sister in-law Helen), my cousin Carol and I went to San Pedro Hospital to look for a doctor who specializes Internal Medicine for a thorough check-up and to explain the tests results to me. We found a lady doctor but I was not satisfied with what she had done to me and what she had told me. She recommended to do more tests which she did not elaborate why.

Needless to say, I went to another doctor for a "second opinion", kind of. Carol took me to the Community Health and Development Cooperative (CHDC) Hospital. The hospital building was not impressive to me but I trust my cousin's judgement so I went ahead. The women's restroom was squeaky clean (hats off to the person who does the cleaning.)

Anyway, the lady in the information window sent us to (if my mind serves me right) Room 222 to see my doctor. Dr. Cecilia M. Cayudong-Fuentes is the name of my Internist. She checked on me the same way my doctor here in US does to me. She recommended more tests like Ultrasound on my abdomen and another urine test for her to determine what else she could find and to determine what kind of medicine she is going to prescribe with matching explanation why I had to do this and do that. I obeyed. 

The following day, I went back to her clinic with the Ultrasound and urine tests results on hand. She explained the results in a very detailed manner. There is nothing that can be missed because she explained everything very clearly. Then we chitchatted for a while. I asked if we could pose for a souvenir and she agreed, so Carol took us some pictures but unluckily, the SD Card of my cellphone got damaged so all photos has been deleted.

In case you need an Internist or Internal Medicine Doctor in Davao City, look for Dr. Cecilia C. Fuentes and if you don't mind, please mention this blog for me, okay? Thank you much!

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