Friday, June 10, 2011

Hubby's Fave Green Salad

Hubby works 12-hour- shift in one of the mines here in Nevada so I make sure that he has plenty of foods  to grab anytime he feels hungry. I don't want him to get starved in the middle of nowhere =)

Green salad has always been present in his "baon" bag. His day is incomplete without it. Sharing some photos of his favorite green veggies. These photos were taken using my Android cellphone.

Spring Mix

Alfalfa Sprouts
Boiled egg and Avocado
(sometimes I put quartered tomato, sliced mushroom and red raddish)

Finished Product (with chopped celery)

Among choices of salad dressing, he likes Bleu Cheese dressing a lot. I like Italian and Thousand Island dressings.

Nothing can beat Olive Garden Restaurant's green salad which is the family's all-time favorite. Since it is 167 miles away, hubby is somehow contented with the green salad I've always prepared for him.

Try this! It's light and healthy.

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