Monday, March 21, 2011

Zia Padilla Quizon

Zia Denise Marie Padilla Quizon

Have you heard about her?

She is the daughter of the Divine Diva Ms. Zsa-zsa Padilla and Comedy King Dolphy. She made known to me when she guested with the ABS-CBN's defunct talk show, "Simply KC" with her half-sister Karylle. During the interview, KC asked her how was it the first time when Karylle was introduced to her as her sister, she said she was thinking like, "oh, another sister again, ah okay"... Well, everyone knows that Dolphy has a bunch of children from different women that's why she is  kind of used to meeting a sister or a brother, (though Karylle is her sister from her mom's side) something like that.

I was watching ASAP Rocks yesterday (March 20, 2011) when I heard her name called and I remembered her right away. I was happy to see her again. She has a pretty good voice when she and Karylle rendered song on "Simply KC". At ASAP yesterday, she sang and danced. She looked cool.

Just recently, her mom tweeted that she is signing contract with Polyeast Records. Cool!

Now, my next question is, have you heard about Polyeast Records? 

Goodluck to her career!

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