Monday, March 7, 2011

Reminiscing (Part 1)

Thanks to Google and to You Tube. 

I've been reminiscing about my younger days lately since I've chatted  and exchanged messages with my new found relatives Mery Jean and Sandrin. There have been so much unending stories to share, you know, from childhood up to the present =)

Anyhow, I am so glad to have found this audio-video on You Tube. When I was  still 4th-year high school, I  performed a lip sync or "lip sing" of this song. I didn't know that it  was one of the late Laura Branigan's song until today. I remember how cool was my outfit that time (80's) but I can't remember who lend it to me, lol!

Since video-karaoke or videoke have become a hit, I started looking for this song but I didn't know the title. I only remembered these lyrics, " then you won't change a thing, you're the lucky one, the lucky one!", hehe! So I "googled", "what is the title of this song that goes, "... you're the lucky one, the lucky one", and I've found it after clicking few recommendations. 

When I played it, I reminisced that day when I was on-staged trying to entertain my teachers, classmates, and schoolmates, haha! I can't remember if I did it well. But for sure, I remember how overwhelming it was.

Now that I've known it's title, I'd surely look for this in the song lists on our next videoke-ing spree with other Pinoys here, yay!

Hay.. those were the days...


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