Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!


So what did you get from your hubby, boyfriend, or your loved ones today?

I didn't get one today. But I got a heart-shaped box of chocolate on the first day of this month from hubby. I got it in advance, geez. Both my daughter and my son got one too. Hubby is such a sweet person.

Oh I almost forgot, hubby sent me a JibJab Valentine video link on my email yesterday. It was too funny that I laughed my a** off when I opened it. I tried posting the link here but it did not work when I clicked it, sigh.

I only have Valentines card for hubby but I'd stay awake for him to give him my sweetest kiss and my warmest hug when he gets home tonight. Hey, if you get nothing today, remember, it doesn't mean that your loved ones care you less. 

To sum it up, a box of chocolate and a 2- minute laugh made my day.

Love, love, love!

Have a good one!

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