Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Bear Diner: My Second Fave Dining Place

My second best dining place

Of course the number one restaurant for me is Olive Garden ;)

But no kidding, Black Bear Diner is the number two. I have been there  twice (Fernley Branch, Fernley, Nevada). My daughter recommended it because she had breakfast there with her Kuya Chad months ago while on the way to Winnemucca from Reno and she liked it there. My daughter is kinda picky so I thought the place must be really nice and the food must be very good.

I find its dining Menu unique because it looks like a newspaper at first glance.

We didn't wait for our food like forever. It was quick!

I had Chicken Fried Steak on our first time. It was very good!

I had Prime Rib on our second time. Yum!

The staff are nice and polite.

Everything is good at this place.

My daughter was right. The place is recommendable. I liked it. Hubby and my son liked it too.

We might try Black Bear Diner Reno branch pretty soon.

I can't wait!

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