Friday, June 25, 2010

A Refreshing Scenery

I haven't updated my blog for awhile because my family and I have gone to California for 2 days for a job related purpose. While on our way back, I wanted to get pine cones from pine trees which are just scattered everywhere alongside of the road. I'd like to make a Christmas decor out of pine cones.

So my son took a left turn going to a junction to find a  good place to park the car to get pine cones. We were kinda curious on the  sign that says: "June Lake Loop", so we decided to continue driving to see what's in there.

We were very surprised to see the beauty that has captured our eyes. The scene was so amazing! The lake looked serene and at peace. There were several boats that were drifting. Few people were fishing. It was just a small place but there was a boutique, steak house, lodging houses, etc.. The place was totally awesome!

My son parked the car in a "hilly" road, overlooking the lake.  I was like, "Wow! What a beautiful place!"  It was like a hidden place for us to discover. We really enjoyed the refreshing green scenery that God has created for us.
Hubby picked up a perfect-shaped  pine cone and gave it to me. I also wanted to pick up one or two but I was too occupied posing in the camera for souvenir photos, lol!

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