Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carmex for Keeps

When my kids and I arrived in this foreign land two years ago, our common  first impression  was that there is no way we can ever live here because the place is too damned cold. We arrived here during Spring time and the wind blew so hard.

After two days, I noticed that my lips got dry and getting drier everyday. They got roughed, redden and chapped eventually. I can't even put lipstick because it gave me pain. I even cried when they bled.  I have tried different kinds of lip balms but to no avail so I shared this dilemna with a Filipina friend who lives in Ohio and she recommended Carmex. 

Before I bought one, I searched it online first. I needed to know what are the causes of chapped lips aside from the cold temperatures and I needed to read reviews on this kind of thing. I didn't want to spend anything for less anymore. So I found out that lips get chapped because they’re too dry, usually because of exposure to the elements. The usual suspect are dry air, wind, sun, and even dust. I also found out that Carmex has Menthol that kills germs and relieves discomfort, has Camphor that alleviates pain, has Phenol that kills germs, exfoliates and anesthetizes, has Lanolin that softens, lubricates and protects, has Cocoa Butter that moisturizes and protects, Salicylic Acid that exfoliates and relieves pain, has Aloe Butter that helps heal and soothe, has Vitamin E that reduces damaging free radicals, has Shea Butter that prevents dry, cracked lips and last but not the least, it has Petrolatum, a moisturizing barrier that protects the lips.

Wow, too many effective ingredients, huh?

The first time I used Carmex, it tingled! I reckoned  it as a bad sign. But after a few minutes, I felt that my lips get moisturized. Carmex worked for me! Now, wherever I go, I always have Carmex in my purse.

Try it! Don't worry if it tingles, tingle tells you its working!

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